Master Chin

Chinnarach, (Master Chin's fighting name) has fought in over 250 professional Muay Thai fights, winning 185 fights.

He enjoyed incredible popularity as a national superstar and a 2 time World Muay Thai Champion, winning many title bouts against all challengers.



At the pinnacle of his career Chin held 3 Champion belts simultaneously for 2 years running!

In 2000 Chin successfully defended his Lumpinee belt, retained his Rajadamnern Champion belt and also became World Muay Thai Champion! 

In 2001 he then successfully defended all 3 titles ensuring his status as one of the all time greats and living up to his hard-earned reputation as "King of the South."

Muay Thai Champion

-ChampionSouthern Province, 1987

-Junior Champion, Bangkok, 1988

-Champion Featherweight, Lumpinee Stadium 1999, 2000, 2001

-Champion Featherweight, Rajadamnern Stadium, 1999, 2000, 2001

-Champion of the World, Muay Thai Featherweight, 2000, 2001


A veteran of both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums, many of Chin's fights were broadcast nationwide on Channel 7 Thai TV.


He has also fought in Australia and Malaysia sharing Muay Thai Boxing with the world.


A former 2 time World Champion, he earned the name "King of the South" and the love of the crowd and the people of Thailand.

Born in 1975 in the southern province of Nakon Si Thamarat, Chinnararch started fighting in Muay Thai at the tender age of 9.

At age 12 he became Junior Champion of Southern Thailand.

1Kid Chin


Junior Champion

Showing great potential Chin moved to Bangkok to train and fight for the famed Chor Watcharin Kiet Pet Muay Thai Training Camp. With great determination Chin honed his skills further and captured the Junior Bangkok Championship at only 13.

From then on he appeared regularly on the ultra tough Bangkok fight scene. It was here that Chin built his stardom, being victorious on the world's toughest fighting circuit.


You can read more about Chin, in an interview he gave for the in which he discusses his career and how he approaches training at his Muay Thai training camp in Koh Phangan.

Muay Thai training camp

  "...being a World Champion means that people can trust me with my experience of being a real fighter..."


   "...There is a big difference in my training because if people are training with me I can guarantee them success. Many of my students have fought at Lumpinee which is one of the biggest Muay Thai stadiums and also on live tv.
(read full interview) ..."


  "...People at many different levels can come to train, it is the same as going to school, you have to learn, try and develop..."

After retiring from his exceptional career, Chin moved to Koh Phangan, a beautiful island in the south of Thailand.

He gained experience at teaching by working at a couple of Muay Thai gyms and also learned English as he taught. He then opened his own Muay Thai Boxing gym on Koh Phangan, offering world class Muay Thai training to serious Thai fighters and westerners of all abilities. 

Chin has taken several of his western students to fight successfully at Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok. There is no Muay Thai arena in Thailand or anywhere else in the world held in greater esteem and only the very toughest and best trained fighters get to fight there. As well as Lumpinee Stadium Chin also arranges fights for his students in Koh Samui, Phuket and Had Yai.

A true Muay Thai Master, come and train with the very best. Whatever your level of fitness or ability; Chin will get the best out of you and teach you balance, control and technique; both physical and mental.