Accommodation on Koh Phangnan

Chinnarach Muay Thai Camp has its own onsite accommodation and there are many resorts nearby.  Koh Phangnan is an absolutely beautiful island in southern Thailand offering many different types and levels of accommodation for all budgets.

You will easily be able to find something to suit your needs.

You can live right on the beach for less than you think.


For just 400 Baht a night or 7,000 Baht a month you can stay right at the gym. 

Fan  and Air-Conditioned rooms with fridge and free wifi. 

Contact us for more details and for booking.

Stay at a Muay Thai Gym

Thai Boxing camp accommodation.

Air conditioned accommodation, Koh Pangnan.


There are a number of resorts you can stay at near to the gym, including Ban Nai Wok, located across the street from the gym.


Free wifi, fridge, and air conditioning.

Koh Phangnan air conditioned bungalow.


They offer fully furnished, air-conditioned houses for 5,000 Baht per week. 

Contact us at the gym for details and booking.

Ban Nai Wok, Koh Phangnan is right acoss the road from our Muay Thai Gym


For those on a really tight budget we also have a "super-budget" option...

Affectionately known as the "Chicken Hut" it is our cheapest option.  No frills accommodation; it's somewhere safe and dry to sleep.

Please note: "Chicken Hut" is just a nickname it does not and has not ever housed chickens!


There are many nearby resorts to choose from ranging from basic fan rooms to luxury chalets and everything in between!


Beck's resort offers budget to mid-range accommodation offering fan or air conditioned bungalows.


 A 5 minute walk from our gym and situated on the beach, Beck's offers a welcoming and relaxing place to unwind after training.

Beck's Resort, beach front accommodation on Koh Phangnan.

Relax after Muay Thai training at Beck's Resort Beach Bar.



With an excellent selection of food at their onsite restaurant and a beach bar offering cocktails and a beautiful view of the sunset, Beck's offers great value for money.


Confirmed students of our gym will also receive a discount at the resort. Please mention when booking. Contact the resort for more information: or their FaceBook page.




For more ideas of accommodation on Koh Phangnan take a look at tripadvisor or