A serious student who puts in the required effort can expect to drastically improve overall fitness and ability within a short period of time.  This is truly a perfect environment for learning Muay Thai.

Beginners need not worry as you will be allowed to go at your own pace until you are ready to step up the pace (a lot sooner than you thought possible!)

If you already have some martial arts experience then Muay Thai Chinnarach is the place to fine tune your skills.  Experienced fighters will be able to take their skills to the next level and fights can certainly be arranged if you wish. (Your skills will be assessed and a suitable opponent will be found for your abilities.)

Muay Thai Chinnarach is the ideal environment for absolute beginners.  Our trainers have extensive experience with first timers.  They will put you at ease and allow you to develop rapidly.

There are 2 training sessions daily from Monday to Saturday. The morning session runs from 08:30 to 10:30 and the afternoon session starts at 16:00 and ends at 18:00

Each student will receive training based on their experience and fitness level.  Although the training is hard (but worth it) you will not be made to perform an exercise or activity you are uncomfortable with.  We take our students' welfare seriously and work hard to minimise injuries; a few bruises are inevitable however! 

Whether you want to learn Muay Thai for self defence, get in shape or because you want to fight in Thailand we will make sure you get the most from your time with us.

A typical training session will include:

  • Stretching
  • Running and/or skipping
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Heavy Bag
  • Pads with professionals
  • Light Sparring
  • Clinching (Grappling while standing)
  • Stretching and cool down