Muay Thai Chinnarach has its own onsite accommodation and there are many resorts nearby.  

You will easily be able to find something to suit your budget.


For just 400 Baht a night or 7,000 Baht a month you can stay right at the gym. 

Fan  and Air-Conditioned rooms with fridge and free wifi. 

Contact us for more details and for booking.

There are a number of resorts you can stay at near to the gym, including Ban Nai Wok. Located across the street from the gym, they offer fully furnished, air-conditioned houses for 14,000 Baht per month.  Contact us at the gym for details and booking.

For those on a really tight budget we also have a "super-budget" option...

Known, affectionately, as the "Chicken Hut" it is our cheapest option.  No frills accommodation it's somewhere, safe and dry, to sleep.

Please note: "Chicken Hut" is just a nickname it does not and has not ever housed chickens!