Learn Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) in Thailand on Koh Phangan, a beautiful island in southern Thailand, at Muay Thai Chinnarach, where you can train with former 2 time World Muay Thai Champion, Chinnarach.


Anyone with the desire to learn is welcome to join our authentic Muay Thai Boxing camp in Thailand.


From complete beginners who have never put on boxing gloves to seasoned professionals, Muay Thai Chinnarach has a place for everybody.

Under Chin's expert supervision and tuition you'll train with other students from around the world alongside the Muay Thai fighters who live at the gym. 

The atmosphere is friendly and inviting but also serious when it comes to training.  You will learn real Muay Thai the right way from experienced former and current fighters.

As well as group lessons we also offer private lessons.  

You can be trained one-on-one by a Muay Thai legend if you wish.


Not only will you learn from former 2 time World Champion, 'King of the South', Chinnarach: you will also receive expert Muay Thai boxing coaching from former Bangkok Champions and veterans of Lumpinee and Ramajamnern stadiums, the very pinnacle of professional Muay Thai. 



We have more experienced and successful fighters to learn from than any other Muay Thai boxing gym on Koh Phangnan (as well as the only former World Muay Thai Champion on the island).


Whatever your training goals, Chin and his team of experienced Muay Thai professionals will help you achieve them. If you attend training regularly you WILL see rapid improvements in your fitness levels and your technical ability.

Your ultimate goal is up to you. You cannot fail to lose weight, increase stamina and learn to defend yourself. As you see rapid improvement you will become much more self confident both inside and outside of the gym.


 "...Outstanding training and atmosphere..."

Friendly gym where you're treated like family

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Welcome to Master Chin's Gym.




We have more videos (students' fights, training sessions and more...) on our video page and also our youtube channel.

Chin's last fight, Bangkok, 2001 (highlights). (Blue shorts)


Stay and train at an authentic Muay Thai training camp.  You can stay at the gym, we have several different levels of accommodation, or stay right on the beach: it's 2 minutes from the gym.


The beautiful island of Koh Phangan has everything you could wish for to unwind after training.

Countless beautiful beaches with all manner of activities and of course the world famous Full Moon party.


 Take a look at our Koh Phangan page for more information about the island.

Whether you want to learn Muay Thai boxing for self defence, to lose weight and get fit or you just feel like joining us in paradise...

Come and Train With Champions!